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Becoming a Friar

Here the brothers will explain more in depth the process for those interested in our way of life. Discerning a vocation to the religious life can appear daunting, but rest assured the brothers are here to answer any questions you might have for us. 

                                                                                     The Formation Process


C​​andidate/Aspirant - a person who approaches us interested in our way of life. This stage usually involves visits and discerning sessions with the brothers, seeing if the person is a good "fit" for the religious life. 



Postulant - this is the first formal application step to the community. This stage usually lasts 6-12 months and much of the time is spent with individual brothers on key aspects of living the Franciscan life. Forming a prayer life for example, the new postulant will be assigned to a brother and be taught how to use the Franciscan breviary. The brother and the postulant will talk about how prayer is integrated into the community and in  the new postulant's life.  Another brother will take on the task of guiding the postulant through Franciscan history, major life works of Franciscan saints, etc. At this stage the new postulant also receives the habit shirt, as a sign of their transition into the first step of religious life. 


Novitiate -  this next stage of formation is called the Novice Year or the Novitiate. It lasts for 12 months. This time of formation is deeply spiritual and reflective, the new novice will receive the Franciscan habit and the Rule of Life. The novice will work directly one-on-one with the Novice Director about forming a true and holy self. Learning to be authentically who we are, while discerning and living this new way of consecrated life. More emphasis is put on forming a foundation in prayer and living a life of service to the people of God. 


Simple Vows - this is a major step in formation for the new Friar.  They publicly take the vows of simplicity, purity, and fidelity before the community and receive the cincture with 3 knots to represent these new vows. It is at this stage that formation truly begins. Finding ways to live out our vows in everyday life is what is expected at this stage, that being through apostolate works. Being a Franciscan of Christ the Servant is just that, being a servant to those who need it most. After 3 years of Simple Vows the Friar may start to discern Solemn Vows, which are life long. 


Solemn Vows - These vows are life long, until death. In this stage of formation the friar will have a deep spirituality and have sufficient experience in living a life that's lived for others. 

Will you come and walk with us?

"The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." -Luke 10:2

This journey is one of work, focus, and love. How are you walking in the faith? 

Is God calling you?

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